Sexual Harassment At Work

An Attorney Who Will Protect You and Advocate for Your Rights in Matters of Sexual Harassment

Workers of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, disabilities and lifestyle orientations experience some form of sexual harassment every single day, enduring unwelcoming verbal or physical advancements, lewd jokes, gender-based slurs and unwanted sexual contact at work.

Whether these actions are against an individual of the opposite sex or the same sex, they are illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and legal recourse options are available.

In many cases, employees endure verbal or physical sexual harassment by co-workers or supervisors that is so severe that is creates a hostile work environment.

In other instances, workers experience what’s known as quid pro quo harassment, situations involving a supervisor or other authority figure who demands sexual favors from an employee or force the employee to tolerate unwanted sexual advances in order to keep a job, get a raise or obtain a promotion.

Our Passion Lies In Providing A Voice For You

At Koller Law our passion lies in representing people from all walks of life who have been wronged, who often feel hopeless, and are in search of a lawyer or professional who knows the law.

We have been handling sexual harassment cases for workers all throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, just like yours for many years. Koller law firm is not run like every other firm – we have three full-time staff members including a psychologist. Together, we are able to provide the compassionate, individual attention employees need and deserve.

Regardless of the situation, your lifestyle preference, race or disability – we want to help you. If you are enduring a hostile workplace environment as a result of sexual harassment, please contact our office to schedule appointment to talk with us in greater detail about your situation.

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