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We are at the forefront of making positive change in the law of sexual harassment.  The United States Supreme Court made decisions over two decades ago that really shaped the state of the law of sexual harassment.  I personally always found aspects of those decisions to problematic and disagreed with them – ever since I read about it in law school.  I wasn’t going to accept what my colleagues and mentors often tell me – “the law is not what you say it is Dave, or it is what it is.”

I emphasize and appreciate the emotional damage that results from sexual harassment at work.  We also recognize the financial harm and fight hard for our clients.  In July of 2018, amidst the strong #MeToo movement and after a battle in court, we obtained a huge victory for all victims of sexual harassment when the Third Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with arguments we were making that the law really needs to do a better job of taking into account the mindset of victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.  If you want to read more about this precedential and monumental case and the decision Authored by Judge Rendell, please feel free to click here or contact me personally and I’d be more than happy and honored to explain it to you.

That was a case we handled that was about certain principles I believe in and obtaining justice.  While our client obtained a financial settlement, just as important to her and us was the impact this positive shift in the law will have in the future for victims who pursue cases.

With all of the publicity surrounding #MeToo, it is astonishing that workers of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, disabilities and lifestyle orientations experience some form of sexual harassment at work. Every single day, workers endure unwelcoming verbal or physical advancements, lewd jokes, gender-based slurs and unwanted sexual contact at work.

Whether these actions are against an individual of the opposite sex or the same sex, they are illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and victims have legal rights.

There are two kinds of sexual harassment in the workplace.

One, in many cases, employees endure verbal or physical sexual harassment by co-workers or supervisors that is so severe that is creates a hostile work environment.

Two, workers experience what’s known as quid pro quo harassment, situations involving a supervisor or other authority figure who demands sexual favors from an employee or force the employee to tolerate unwanted sexual advances in order to keep a job, get a raise or obtain a promotion.

Our Passion Lies In Providing A Voice For You

At Koller Law our passion lies in representing people from all walks of life who have been wronged, who often feel hopeless, and are in search of a lawyer or professional who knows the law. #MeToo is not just a hashtag, trend, or buzzword to us.

We have been handling sexual harassment cases for workers all throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, just like yours, for many years. Koller Law is not run like every other firm – we provide the compassionate, individual attention employees need and deserve.

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