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At the Philadelphia employment law firm of Koller Law, employment is all we do. For decades, we’ve championed the rights of mistreated employees across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We’re passionate about advocating for employees and always offer free consultations.

Time Limits & Employer Size Requirements

Time is of the essence in employment law cases in Pennsylvania. In most cases, the employee or job applicant must file their claim within 180 days under federal law or 300 days under state law. The clock typically starts on the date of the adverse employment action.

Also, it is important to note that federal and state employment law protections only apply to employers with a minimum number of employees, 15 employees under federal law and 4 employees under state law.

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Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual contact at work and includes verbal/physical advancements, jokes and slurs. Many employees in Philadelphia experience sexual harassment by supervisors, co-workers and others. Sexual harassment can constitute a hostile work environment. In other situations, employees can experience quid pro quo harassment, where the harasser is an authority figure who demands sexual contact in exchange for a job, raise, etc.

The Family & Medical Leave Act protects Philadelphia area workers who need to take time from work to care for themselves or a family member. Oftentimes, companies retaliate against employees who take such leave. Retaliation for taking FMLA leave may include firing, demoting, or denying requested leave.

Disability discrimination remains a common employment law issue in Philadelphia. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects employees from adverse employment actions on the basis of a physical, mental or medical health impairment. Illegal forms of workplace disability discrimination include failing to hire, firing, or being harassed by others in the workplace.

Race discrimination is a serious issue today affecting all minorities in every type of industry. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against workers based on race, color, national origin, etc. Getting fired is not the only type of workplace race discrimination. Workers often suffer harassment from co-workers or supervisors, or are assigned lower paying positions, receive lower pay, denied promotions, etc.

Federal and state laws protect pregnant employees from discrimination at work which typically involves failing to get an interview or be hired, getting fired or demoted, having job assignments changed or getting lower pay. Pregnancy discrimination laws apply not only to pregnancy, but also pregnancy related conditions, such as miscarriage or complications that require bed rest or changes in employment conditions, like working from home or reduced hours.

Federal and state laws protect workers from wrongful termination based on an employee’s race, age, gender, marital status, religion, disability, national origin or pregnancy. In addition, wrongful termination protections apply to workers who are fired for requesting or taking FMLA leave, workers who refuse to endure a hostile work environment, workers who refuse to work in illegal, unsafe environments, and whistleblowers.

Employees in Philadelphia often believe they have very little recourse when an employer fails to adhere to a condition of employment, such as paid time off or other employment benefits. In successful cases, employees may receive compensation for damages caused by the breach, such as amounts you would have received had the contract been performed.

Whether you’re a business owner, company or employee, you may find yourself in need of a legal team to assist you in an employment related dispute. For nearly 20 years, David Koller has helped countless employers and employees litigate every type of employment law issue.

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