High Profile Employment Law Cases

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Sexual harassment lawsuit vs. CATA to trial next year (Sept. 15, 2021)

Not every case needs to go to trial, and we recognize that clients may not want to go to trial, but sometimes trial is the only way to get justice. -David Koller

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Ex-staffer cites Morgan Lewis remote work policy in bias lawsuit (Aug. 11, 2021)

[Remote work] was the specific accommodation Plaintiff requested, and it showed that Defendant could have accommodated Plaintiff with remote working in 2019 and earlier in 2020,” the complaint asserts.

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A Pa. mom says her boss forced her out of her job during the pandemic. She sued. (March 14, 2021)

It’s close to impossible for many parents to work and also care for young children, said Philadelphia employment lawyer David Koller, who represents Delaney.

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Staffing Firm, Worker Settle Suit Over Racist Voicemail Comments (May 18, 2021)

I’m proud of my client-he exercised his rights, had an advocate, handled himself well in various court proceedings, and then decided he wanted closure and felt satisfied with the final resolution. Koller said.

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Wife claims husband was fired over excessive gas
(Oct. 5, 2015) Click for article.

Firefighter’s lawsuit claims she was demoted for being a mom
(Sept. 13, 2017) Click for article.

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Third Circuit Revives Harassment Suit Against Susquehanna County
(July 11, 2018) Click for article.

State paid $900,000 to settle sexual harassment claim
(Jan. 8, 2018) Click for article.

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Judge Wants to Pause NJ Transgender Discrimination Case Until SCOTUS Rules 
(Oct. 1, 2019) Click for article.

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3rd Circ. Upholds Nike, Port Authority Wins In Title VII Rulings
(Oct. 11, 2019) Click for article.

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Crawford-area bus service faces sexual harassment lawsuit
(Nov. 22, 2019) Click for article.

25 sex assaults showed up on wrong man’s background check, suit says
(Sep. 11, 2013) Click for article.

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Will remote-work requirements spark lawsuits?
(July 27, 2020) Click for article.

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Lawsuit filed against WSU alleging discrimination
(Jan. 30, 2020) Click for article.