Working Moms Are Hit the Hardest During the Pandemic

Dave Koller was recently quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding one of his cases. Dave represents a woman who was forced out of her job during the pandemic. This is just one more example of how working moms are hit the hardest during the pandemic.

Dave’s client gladly took a temporary lay-off to care for her child at the beginning of the pandemic. However, she was called back to work several months later. The client asked for an accommodation through a more flexible schedule. Her requests were denied. And according to her lawsuit, the boss said no, cursed at her, and threatened to demote her if she took leave under a new federal law designed to protect parents during the pandemic.

Shortly thereafter, the client claims that many things changed for her at work. She says the boss mistreated her leading to her eventual demotion. At this time, she was also threatened with termination. She decided to quit rather than be exposed to the hostility.

Unfortunately, Dave’s client is not alone in these times. The article states, Across the region and country during the pandemic, employment lawyers have reported a surge in calls from mothers who have been reprimanded, demoted, or fired because they had to care for children during school and day-care closures.

And as Dave says in the article, “It’s close to impossible” for many parents to work and also care for young children. The struggle is real for working moms. However, there are laws in place to protect their rights in the workplace.

Dave is committed to fighting for those illegally treated at work. Please call if you are a victim of such treatment.

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