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Paid Leave for COVID-19

Paid Leave for COVID-19?

I recently read an article in the New Jersey Law Journal – ‘Families First’ Law Gets Test in Lawsuit Over Paid Leave for COVID-19 Self-Quarantine. In this lawsuit, an employee claims that an employer violated the Families First Coronavirus Response Act by not paying him leave after a doctor ordered him to self-quarantine due to…
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The COVID-19 Unemployment Dilemma

The COVID-19 Unemployment Dilemma

I hope everyone is doing okay. We are taking a lot of calls from people looking for legal assistance who are placed in a very difficult situation. I call this the COVID-19 unemployment dilemma. Calls From Employees Employees of companies are calling me and the conversations are going something like this: (1) I filed for…
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Important COVID-19 Message From Koller Law

Usually I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about my clients, their cases, and how we can help those who have trusted us with the ultimate privilege of being their lawyer. Now, my middle of the night wake-ups include worrying about the global COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on all of us.…
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Pregnant woman holding belly in sweater

Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace


To demonstrate pregnancy discrimination under Title VII, a woman must show four elements: (1) She is or was pregnant and her employer knew; (2) she was qualified for the job; (3) she suffered an adverse employment action and (4) there was a connection between her pregnancy and the adverse employment action.

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Sexual Harassment Case | Philadelphia, PA | Koller Law, LLC

Sexual Harassment Case Settlement for $900,000

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – The Department of Revenue for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will pay Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($900,000) to settle a nasty sexual harassment lawsuit filed in federal court in Harrisburg by long-time former employee Lynn McArthur, who alleged she was sexually harassed and assaulted by her former boss.

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