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What is sexual harassment

What is Sexual Harassment?

These days, #MeToo has faded slightly from the headlines.  However, sexual harassment in the workplace is not a new trend, and it continues today.  As much as ever before, it is still important to understand what constitutes harassment.  Employers must provide a safe working environment for their employees. A safe environment includes the elimination and…
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Asian Discrimination

Asian/Pacific American Discrimination Continues

I previously wrote about the troubling rise in discrimination against Asian-American.  May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.  That should be and is a time to celebrate.  Unfortunately, discrimination will always be a part of life.  But those of us who care about the very simple and basic in life – like being a decent human…
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Dave Koller to Present Partnering with the Media Webinar

Firm Founder, David Koller Dave Koller will present a webinar on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 entitled Partnering with the Media. Koller will discuss a local solo attorney’s interactions with the media including print, broadcast and social media to increase visibility, establish expertise, and even frame arguments. This program is being sponsored by the Jenkins Law…
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Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day is an important day to reflect on the past and recognize how much more progress needs to be made moving forward to ensure gender equality when it comes to compensation and pay in the workplace.  There are still significant pay disparities and discrimination between men and women in the workplace. For example,…
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Working Moms

Working Moms Are Hit the Hardest During the Pandemic

Dave Koller was recently quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding one of his cases. Dave represents a woman who was forced out of her job during the pandemic. This is just one more example of how working moms are hit the hardest during the pandemic. Dave’s client gladly took a temporary lay-off to care for her child…
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