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Old Navy Supports Employees on Election Day

This is a great example of corporate America taking positive action steps.  Go Old Navy!

Vogue’s website has an article about what Old Navy is doing for its employees that made me smile: Old Navy Will Pay Its Employees to Work the Polls on Election DayThe article points out that many major companies have introduced policies so that their employees can vote on election day. This is commendable as all Americans should be able to vote no matter their political viewpoints. What Old Navy is doing is above and beyond commendable.

According to the article, Old Navy would compensate all of its employees who serve as poll workers on Election Day with a full day’s pay (regardless of whether they are scheduled to work that day). Old Navy cites several reasons for this policy. One, to help fill the shortage of poll workers across the country. Two, since most of their workers are 18-29 years old, Old Navy is encouraging younger workers to get involved in the political process.

Over the years, there have been calls to make Election Day a federal holiday so workers can get to the polling stations. While this may never happen, it is great to see companies taking the matter into their own hands. Employees of these civic-minded businesses should certainly appreciate these types of policies.  Hopefully it is a move that will continue in future election years.

If you have an employment related issue or question, feel free to contact us.  And make sure you vote!


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