Sexual Harassment

When Managers Sexually Harass Employees in Pennsylvania

Despite recent, national attention to the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace, sexual harassment continues to be a significant issue for employees in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia.

Employees are often subjected to the following types of sexual harassment:

  • sexual comments and jokes,
  • sexual advances or requests for favors,
  • physical touching, or
  • sexual abuse or assault.

Unfortunately, our Philadelphia sexual harassment employment lawyers often see cases where managers or supervisors sexually harass employees.

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Employee Feels Compelled to Accept Unwanted Sexual Comments or Conduct

In some cases, a supervisor or manager may directly or indirectly offer a quid pro quo or “this for that” arrangement. This is especially common in retail or restaurant businesses, where employees tend to be young or inexperienced.

Example – Manager Threatens Job Security

For example, a young female employee at a retail store in Philadelphia is managed by an older male supervisor who not only makes sexual comments but also tells the employee that her job security depends on her willingness to engage in sexual conduct with the supervisor.

After repeated attempts to politely decline, the employee files a complaint with the regional office’s human resources department. A few weeks later, she is fired for being late to work.

This employee would likely succeed in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the employer. Based on the facts, her being fired was a pretext for the sexual harassment complaint she made to HR.

It is important to note that sexual harassment in the workplace is committed not only by managers or supervisors, but also co-workers, clients, company/business owners, and more. For example, in one of Koller Law Firm’s sexual harassment cases, the brother of a business owner sexually harassed an employee.

Also, sexual harassment is not limited by gender or sexual orientation in any way. Managers or supervisors may sexually harass employees, whether they are male, female or binary.

Pennsylvania Sexual Harassment Lawsuits – Basic Info

Below is basic information about time deadlines and what compensation claims are allowed in sexual harassment lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania.

Filing a Sexual Harassment Claim – Time Deadlines

It’s critical to have a potential sexual harassment claim reviewed by an experienced employment lawyer. Federal and state laws place time limits on the right to bring employment claims against an employer. In most Pennsylvania cases involving sexual harassment, the time limit is 180 days under federal law or 300 days under state law. The clock usually starts ticking on the date of the last act of sexual harassment.

Compensation for Sexual Harassment at Work in Pennsylvania

If you were subjected to sexual harassment at work in Pennsylvania, you may be entitled to the following types of compensation:

  • back pay,
  • future pay,
  • emotional distress, and
  • punitive damages.

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