Old Navy

Old Navy Supports Employees on Election Day

This is a great example of corporate America taking positive action steps.  Go Old Navy! Vogue’s website has an article about what Old Navy is doing for its employees that made me smile: Old Navy Will Pay Its Employees to Work the Polls on Election Day. The article points out that many major companies have introduced policies so…
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Protecting Returning Employees

Philadelphia Takes the Lead Protecting Returning Employees

Philadelphia takes the lead protecting returning employees, and hopefully starts a trend. On Thursday, June 25, Philadelphia’s City Council unanimously approved Bill No. 200328. This Bill will make it illegal for employers to retaliate against workers who complain about unsafe work conditions due to the coronavirus. Mayor Kenney has expressed support for the Bill. Therefore,…
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Important COVID-19 Message From Koller Law

Usually I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about my clients, their cases, and how we can help those who have trusted us with the ultimate privilege of being their lawyer. Now, my middle of the night wake-ups include worrying about the global COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on all of us.…
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