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Koller Law Obtains Another Precedential 3rd Circuit Opinion in Pennsylvania Sexual Harassment Case (May 2023)

Last week, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals issued a precedential opinion in Nitkin v. Main Line Health, a sexual harassment employment case in Pennsylvania. Such precedential opinions tend to be rare in employment matters. The opinion marks the second precedential opinion Koller Law has obtained in a sexual harassment employment case. See Minarsky v.…
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Asian Discrimination

Discrimination at Work – What to Know About Employment Law Claims for Discrimination in Pennsylvania

It has been decades since the federal government has passed multiple laws aimed at protecting workers. However, discrimination at work remains a serious problem in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Whether it’s based on race, ethnicity, gender, age or disability, employees are still being mistreated, in violation of federal and state laws. Call our Philadelphia employment…
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Compensation for Workplace Discrimination, Harassment & Wrongful Termination Cases in Philadelphia

Discrimination, Harassment & Wrongful Termination Cases – What Types of Compensation Can You Receive? Pennsylvania employees who have experienced workplace discrimination, sexual harassment or been wrongfully terminated may be able to receive financial compensation from their employers. If you would like to discuss your employment law matter with our Philadelphia employment lawyers, please call our…
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Women & Employment Law Issues: Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy Discrimination & Unequal Pay

Despite decades of federal and state legislation intended to prohibit gender or sex-based discrimination, women still face an uphill battle in employment. In this employment law article, our Philadelphia employment lawyers discuss three of the most common employment law issues women face today: sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and unequal pay. Employment Law Protections Only Apply…
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